Software Outsourcing Service

With a passion for excellence, we deliver high-quality software outsourcing services with ability to deliver high quality services, on-time, with maximized Return on Investment.We are also introduce ourselves as trusted software outsourcing company with well-established global capabilities, quality standards and delivery processes that guarantee business values.

EASCA Solutions Limited meets your expectations of on-time delivery with high quality and low cost. We are experts in helping companies use web based technologies to maintain and enhance legacy applications and build new systems.


Benefits of software outsourcing Service

1. Cost savings

  • The main benefit of outsourcing software development services is the potential cost savings. The impact on a company's revenue recognition and the delivered savings are decisive when a company is choosing to outsource.

2. Reduce labor cost and time

  • Hiring developers with special skills can be done using other companies with access to a large pool of (human) resources. Instead of paying for the processes of recruitment, selection, training and development of employees you can hire directly a temporary employee who has already completed these prerequisites.

3. Lower capital needs

  • By software development outsourcing services you can use your cash-flow directly to your product development. Also outsourcing converts fixed (IT) costs into variable costs this gives more flexibility on your budget.

4. Stay focused on your core activities

  • Managing a full in-house development team requires a considerable amount of time. By moving work to outsourced teams, that can handle the day-to-day requirements, the in-house teams can focus on offering support to other departments with strategy or projects that have a direct impact on revenue.

5. Implement New Technology fast

  • You don't have to reinvent the wheel. A quality IT outsourced Service Company like EASCA Solutions Limited has the resources to start new projects right away. Here you will find a full range of technologies experts ready to build and maintain your custom software applications and software products.

6. Access to Knowledge

  • Outsourcing of computer programming and other IT functions is a way to gain access to new technology and outside expertise. Our development team includes top software developers (experts): .Net developers, Java developers, Web designers, Mobile applications developers, Windows developers, front-end and back-end developers.