Inventory Management Solutions

Using inventory management solution will reduce product carrying costs. It will give control to its user to track down products as they are transported from a vendor to a warehouse, between warehouses, and finally to production or directly to the customer. It will also ensure - balance between too much and too little inventory, track down of product being used and inventory levels, cut down on product obsolescence and spoilage, avoiding delay of operation due to out-of-stock situations, planning for future stock, integration with accounting and real time information on inventory.

Inventory Management System will insure full automation in inventory process, thus management will get real time status reports of any particular or all stocked items whenever from wherever they want. Interdependency will be reduced, as a result requisition for purchases, approval for purchases, purchase orders, bills and invoices functionalities will be faster. As a whole, transparency of work, purchases, stock maintenance and financial transaction will be ensured.