EASCA-INVOICE : An Online Invoicing and Billing Software in Bangladesh

One has to do some activities to run a business. He has to deal with purchase or procurement of products, receiving products with maintaining purchase price, MRP of products, selling those products in cash or credit, receiving credits, creating orders etc. Small, Medium and Large-scale business have to perform those activities in order to generate income.

Small, Medium and Large-scale business organization could maintain their activities in separate paper or in online billing and invoicing system/software/Solution. EASCA Solutions Limited has developed an online billing and invoicing system/software/solution for small and medium business. EASCA-INVOICE is a centralized online billing and invoicing system/software/solution for small business and medium business. EASCA-INVOICE -an online billing and invoicing software is designed for those who wants to automate their business by using software at a reasonable budget.

EASCA-INVOICE -an online billing and invoicing software or e-invoicing software or Sales Software covers ordering, receiving, managing inventory or stock, managing sales, managing customer payment, managing supplier payment, managing expense etc.

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Some of the core features

1. Product

  • Product is very important for product-based company or Organization. A business concern can set up its product by maintaining Brand, Category, Type and Model. It can also dynamically set up product unit like carton, leaf, Packet, bottle etc.

2. Requisition and Receive

  • A trade or business can not be run without requisition and receiving product. So a trade or concern can give requisition then receive the product. They can also receive product directly mentioning invoice number, Invoice date, Supplier and all the products as per given invoice no. etc.

3. Sales

  • A business can start selling products after receiving products from supplier. Sales process starts covering customer, customer category, customer territory and territory officer. They can manage three types of sales like: Partial Sales, Installment Sale and Full Sale.

4. Payment Receive Against Sale

  • Payment Receive against partial sales and installment Sales is received separately.Receiving Payment is made mentioning bank or cash.

5. Paid Payment Against Purchase

  • A business can paid payment against product purchase. This payment will reflect against received product. It can also record day to day expenses occurred at the time of running business. Payment is made mentioning bank or cash. Various types of supplier payment report are available.
 Images of Billing, Sales and Invoicing Softwere
 Images of Online billing invoicing sales software

6. Balance Transfer

  • A business can know how much money has been transferred into bank from cash and on the contrary how much money has been transferred into cash from bank. Cash Book and Bank Book Reports are available.

7. Product Return and Exchange

  • A concern can receive return product mentioning damage product and can exchange product.

8. Assigning Target

  • Target can be assigned on Territory officer and on the basis of that Target and achievement report is available. Target Report is available.

9. Stock/Inventory

  • By using EASCA-INVOICE one can check real time daily stock/Inventory.

10. Reports

  • Beside this we have some more reports and we can customize some reports as per your requirement.